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Junction Pizza

104 High Street, Wodonga, 3690

About Us

Come and visit Diretto's Pizza in Wodonga and order a meal deal designed for couples, families or a party. Select from a wide range of traditional and gourmet pizzas including garlic, meat and heat, aussie, barbecue chicken, the junction special and vegetarian. All pizzas come in small, large or large gluten-free sizes. If you're in the mood for parmis, select from a standard schnitzel, napoli, bologanese, ham and cheese, or bacon variety. The carbonara pasta comes with bacon and eggs, and you can also order a vegetarian pasta dish at Diretto's Pizza.

We deliver to

3690 West Wodonga, 3690 Wodonga, 3691 Baranduda, 3691 Gateway Island, 3691 Killara, 3691 Leneva